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How this Hudson Valley Axe Throwing Hall Started

the first throw

Saxon Hall Axe Throwing Friends

In 2018, we went axe throwing with our buddies for the first time ever. We had a blast throwing axes and drinking a beer uhh… maybe three. The primal act of throwing an axe was something I just couldn’t get over. I loved the smell and the satisfying sound, and I couldn’t believe it was legal! We had so much fun that we knew we would be back!

At that time, we didn’t realize how much of a part of lives axe-throwing would someday be. It was only about a year later during a long road trip drive that we started to think about starting an axe-throwing venue. We are people who work corporate jobs and had no experience in entrepreneurship. However, for a long time we did have this dream that we would start a place of our own in the future. The thought of creating something original, providing employment, and giving back to the community really appealed to us. The idea of doing that with axe throwing was so crazy that we immediately agreed to start taking it very seriously and working towards it.

Saxon Hall friends in Newburgh

the logo

Over the next year, we explored the idea of standing up this axe-throwing venue. The concept slowly took shape as we had many, many, many conversations about how we would start, where we would find money for it, if they (the royal they) would even let us do it, etc. But before any of this, we had to think of what to call the damn place. We both loved the aesthetic and the feel of the old English world. Maybe it’s because we read too much Marion Zimmer, Bernard Cornwell and T.H. White, or maybe it’s because we listened to The Immigrant Song too many times – but either way, we were thinking about creating something inspired by that world.

about us at Saxon Hall

One day during a drive to pick up his daughter from daycare, the name suddenly came to Jossy in a (rare) moment of inspiration – SAXON HALL. He could see the name clear as day, including the red letters for the AX for axe… you know because… well, you get it. After high-fiving each other over naming this still imaginary place, we reached out to a great local artist named Sunil, who also happens to be a beloved cousin of ours. I went to visit him in Brooklyn (where all the artists go) to talk to him about the concept. While I entertained his adorable son (who gets his looks from his mom), Sunil created a rough concept based on some of the research we had done about the history of Saxon helmets, armors, and axes.

Over the next couple of weeks, after some artistic computer magic that I will never understand, he created a gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves) logo. We filed a trademark application for the name and concept, and it was approved. Now we officially had a logo and much to our pleasant surprise, the domain name was also available for a reasonable price.

So now we had a logo and a domain, even if nothing else happens, at least we managed to put something together.

This was a milestone win for us. Yay Us!

Saxon Hall Logo early stages

Umm....... where are we going to put this thing?

The most brutally painful part of this process was finding a location for Saxon Hall. We had many false starts and premature celebrations. We signed agreements, only to be scuttled at the last minute. We had lease owners turn us down when they heard about what we were doing. We had agents discourage us from starting something like this in the first place.

Finally, just when we were ready to give up – a breakthrough! Just kidding, turns out that the light at the end of this long tunnel was the oncoming train of a global pandemic and the potential death to our fledgling brainchild. We put the whole thing to bed and got back to taking care of our families, doing our jobs, living our lives, and hunkering down for the storm.

We are both married to medical professionals who were now suddenly serving on the front lines of a global war against an unseen enemy. We are also fathers to young kids who were now stuck at home instead of going to school with their friends. At this time ,the last thing anyone wanted to hear about was throwing axes.

Daughter and dad

I’ll throw in a picture of me contemplatively staring off into the Hudson while holding my young daughter, in case you needed an image. It was after this long year that we dipped our toes back into the water and started looking at places again in the hopes of finding a home for our baby.

We finally found the perfect place to house our dream project in New York’s Hudson Valley region in the town of Newburgh. Just 30 minutes away from West Point and very close to I87 and I84, this was a great location. We were excited to start and make the vision come to reality.

Saxon Hall Building


Saxon Hall in Hudson Valley is a world class axe throwing venue, where you will have a great time throwing at projected targets and playing fun games with your friends, frenemies, or cool new people you meet here!

Not just axe throwing

WEll, we couldn’t let you toss an axe without tossing down a beer!

Newburgh men at axe throwing party
Newburgh men at axe throwing pool hall

And more!

After throwing axes, try your hand at pool or our arcade games!

Looking for axe throwing in the Hudson valley region?

Look no more! At Saxon Hall in New York’s Hudson Valley, we have 10 lanes with exciting projected targets and games – and digital scoring!

Work up a thirst? Quench your thirst at our axe throwing beer and wine bar.

Have a great time throwing at projected targets and playing fun games with friends, frenemies, or cool new people you’ve met that day!