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Frequently "Axed" Questions


Since we are the safest axe throwing lanes in New York’s Hudson Valley region, we can allow throwers ages 12 and up! Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signed waiver.

Minimum age for an adult beverage is 21, as always!

Check out our hours here! Also, if you click on the Book Now at the top right of the page, you can check availability.

If the booking app doesn’t work for you or if you need something a little different then email us here!

You could, and we will try our best to fit you into the schedule and get you throwing as soon as possible! You can relax and order a beer and a pizza while you wait.

Of course, we do! We have a wide selection of excellent beers from local breweries, as well as some domestic and international favorites. We also serve some delicious wines and ciders. We are constantly updating every season so we will find you something that you will love.

Oh thaaaat.  Yeah, let me assure you that safety is number 1 to us, well it’s number 5 here but you get the idea.

Ok, in all seriousness…  We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously!  Each party will be looked after by a highly trained Saxon Valkyrie (or Warrior) who will provide safety directions. Please comply with their directions at all times.  We have very high safety standards and enforce them very rigorously.  Our safety protocols were approved by a physician, reviewed by an EMT and blessed by a priest.  We train our staff rigorously on safety protocols and first aid procedures.  We also maintain very stringent standards on hygiene and handling food and beverage.  We also use very high-quality wood handle axes that reduce bounce and we have installed a special no-bounce border around the targets.  The targets themselves are made of end-grain wood blocks which makes it easier to stick the axe.  Safety has been woven into the fabric of this venue from day one.

You can book with as few as two people and throw for an hour or two.  We can also host large parties or events! If you have any special requests or questions just email us.

We will try not to mix parties at any time so you have the lane to yourselves. If we haaave to do it, maybe you will be burdened with meeting new people who live the area and have something in common with you.

Have you thought about getting your crap together and being where you are supposed to be? We kid! It is totally understandable that things come up, but we schedule a person to look after the group in advance so we can’t return your money. If your flaky friends flake or something comes up, just call and let us know. We will try to reschedule and work with you. Please don’t yell, don’t ask for the manager, or threaten to destroy our business on Yelp. Thank you.

Absolutely! We have a great private banquet room that you can use to cater food and dance awkwardly at the office party.  We can host all types of corporate or private parties and events.  We can even open on one of our off days to make it work.  Please call or email us ( and we’ll do what we can to make your day as fun as possible.  We can even coordinate the catering for you.

Not yet, but ask us again in about a few months. If there is enough interest, we will host a league.

One thing that is very important to us besides safety is inclusiveness. We never want you to come in here and feel like you are not welcome. Don’t worry about having the look or the physical strength to do this. Proper technique is way more important than physical strength. Our instructors are here to help guide you and following their instructions will turn you into a pro in no time. If you have a medical condition or a disability or any stress about the activity that worries you, just talk to us and we’ll work with you to make sure you feel like a true Saxon.

We initially had a strict no-kids policy, but since then we have had so many people speak up on behalf of reckless parenting err.. I mean, on behalf of the kids.  So, we will allow kids ages 12 and above to participate on Sundays only.  Also, please don’t say that your child “looks 12” – our insurance company will not buy that logic.

As of now, we only sell one thing – your new favorite T-shirt.

Check back with us, we may add more items in the future.

Nope, we don’t ship. We only have in-store sales.

Axe throwing is very safe! It is important that you listen to and follow all the safety rules, but if you do, it is a very safe sport. It is one of the safest throwing experiences you can have, as our targets are easier to stick (so you don’t have to throw as hard), and our safety-designed target system helps minimize bounces!

CLOSED-TOE SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.   No one will be permitted to participate without the proper shoes.   So, no flip flops, bare feet, sandals, etc. For the rest of your body, loose comfortable clothing is a good idea. Picture the throwing motion, so you will not want to wear anything that restricts that movement.

Our Hudson Valley location has 10 lanes. 

You can have up to five throwers per lane.

Yes! In fact, we get a lot of companies that want to do an axe throwing event. Learn more about team building on our Corporate Team Building Page.

We have a great selection of offerings brought to you by Dave’s Food Shack. They created a custom Viking’s Blood sauce for the wings which are a must try! To see the full menu, click here.

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